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water purification solutions

water purification solutions

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Description: SansOx’s commitment is to develop new solutions and innovati
Price: $2000000.00

SansOx’s commitment is to develop new solutions and innovative applications for water treatment needs worldwide. We provide new technology and applications for different kinds of water. We have dissolved different gases into water that can be used both industrial and potable water purification. This can also be used in plantation and fish farming in order to exceed biological growth. Our products can also separate impurities from different liquids through flotation and centrifugal separation.

Mine site had a problem with water and what was needed was to separate solids from water, in order to utilise the water
. Customer wanted to use Saoxfuge to get the solids out of water and reuse the water in the process. SaoxFuges was
designed so that the separation of the solids and water based on centrifugal and gravity was 1:7. The test were successfull and
the customer was satisfied.

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