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Intellectual Property Management Consulting

Intellectual Property Management Consulting

Industry category:
Leasing Industry/Business Service,Business Service
Service category:
Lifecircle: Designing,simulating & validation
Description: Tailor-made advice on the management of Intellectual Propert
Price: $2000.00

Tailor-made advice on the management of Intellectual Property in China, especially for SME's.

We inform potential investors in China about Chinese IPR laws and regulations. We also give tailored advice to investors on how best to manage and protect their intellectual property. We undertake all formalities for registering domain names, trademarks and patents in China.

We provide support in cases of IPR-infringement to German companies. This includes letters to the relevant authorities in China, lobbying, advising on the best course of action and seeing the company through the proceedings if the case is brought to court (serving as the contact point to a Chinese attorney). Please note that only Chinese attorneys can litigate in China.

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