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autonomous drivingsystem

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The magic behind Sensible 4’s solution is our smart, LiDAR-based positioning software. LiDAR is an optical radar that helps self-driving cars detect the world around them and act accordingly in a safe and smart manner.
Our self-driving technology utilizes a set of sensors to detect and recognize obstacles even when the visibility is low. Our Obstacle Detection is based on multimodal sensor data and on our positioning system, which provides both an accurate position of the vehicle and a 3D model of the surrounding environment.
As for today, an SAE level 4 self-driving system needs humans. But only as a fallback mechanism. This is why our solution includes a control and monitor system for a whole fleet of self-driving cars. It gives a remote operator information on the vehicle’s status and position in real-time.
We offer our software and self-driving expertise to vehicle manufacturers, automotive suppliers, cities and mobility operators. Our technology can be implemented to all vehicle types – as a full self-driving system or as specific system modules.