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Sensible4 Consulting

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Human Resource



Marketing Supervisor

OMG JAX Jacksonville, FL Full-Time/Part-Time

$38,757.00 - $63,757.00 / year

As a Marketing Supervisor, your overall goal is to learn how to oversee, organize and manage our promotional marketing events throughout the region. To do this successfully you will be given the opportunity to train from the ground up. How long it takes ....... you decide!

Your initial responsibilities will include:

  • Taking care of customers from the first point of contact to the point of sale
  • Relaying Product and Pricing Information to new and existing customers
  • Promoting New Products and services to new/existing customers
  • Managing customer experience for National and International clients
  • Product Demonstrations where necessary

Specializing in sales and brand awareness, going directly to the consumer means that we generate our Clients better results than other companies they have worked with in the past, thus providing a future full of prospects!

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